$197.00 USD

Single coaching session

Ready to take your mental healing to the next level and start creating a fun life?  Need a little extra guidance?  I'm here for you!  I can relate as a breast cancer survivor myself.  Let's do this together!

What you'll get:

  • One 50 minute coaching session with Rachel Meyers
  • Join via video from anywhere in the world!
  • Get help and accountability from someone who has stood in your shoes

I'm excited to get to know you better!

What People Are Saying:

I can be an overthinker, who can be sensitive and / or my thoughts can become negative at times. Rachel helped me realize I could change my thinking and change my life. There were many times she asked me the hard questions, and was so patient and thought provoking, when I was like ….. uh…uh…uh... She worked thru these challenges with me, step by step, to arrive at what I think are the most beneficial outcomes.


I spent 3 months going back and forth about making a decision. I couldn't decide whether to do chemo and radiation or whether to do alternative healing. Rachel didn't make the decision for me but helped me come to the decision that was right for me. I was then able to move forward and felt that I was doing the right thing.


Rachel’s calm guidance helped me in my relationship with my young adult son. I could only see it one way (which was not positive) and that blocked me from loving him. Since then, he’s confided in me and trusts me more. She helped me let go of my fears so I could be supportive and loving. I can now move on with a better attitude.


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