Better After Breast Cancer

My 5 step formula will help you create a life full of fun - a life you never dreamed could be possible after breast cancer.


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1-week course

Get the first week of my 5-week course for free! Learn how to overcome the fear of recurrence.


5-week Course

  1. Overcome Fear of Recurrence
  2. Make Treatment Decisions Confidently
  3. Improve Relationships
  4. Say No to People Pleasing
  5. Create a Fun Life
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Coaching Session

Get one-on-one coaching with Rachel over Zoom to help you navigate your challenges.


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I'll guide you through your journey with weekly bite-sized advice to create a fun life.


I'm Rachel Meyers

I am a breast cancer life coach and a triple positive breast cancer survivor myself. I completed chemotherapy and radiation in August of 2022 during one of the hardest years of my life.

It's easy to get stuck in the rut that can often come after breast cancer treatments.  We might feel that life can never be good again. Don't get stuck in that trap! Transform from  survival mode into thriver mode!

It's my life's mission to help women create a fun life - even after breast cancer treatments! It's called Better After Breast Cancer

I have a 5 step process that will change your life and will help you create a life full of joy and purpose!

Join me on a wonderful journey full of life-changing lessons!


"Working with Rachel one time made a bigger difference after breast cancer treatments than a year of therapy!"

- Daphne

"Rachel's guidance helped me see there was a better way to live my life."

- Samantha

"Better After Breast Cancer helped me to see that my mindset was standing in the way of me having a fun life."

- Karen